Alain Pozo is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt (1st degree under Ze Radiola) with 17 years of grappling experience Alain is a Polaris Pro Superfight. Winner.

Alain began his BJJ training in 1996 in Recife, Brazil at the Gracie Barra academy with Master Ze Radiola. He quickly began competing; his first competition was after 3 months, a local state tournament where he was runner-up.

Alain moved to Europe in 1999 to study, where difficulties finding a BJJ academy meant he supplemented his training with judo, boxing and wrestling. After completion of his studies and some time spent travelling, Alain eventually settled in London. This is where he became one of the founding members of the infamous Carlson Gracie Team, based at The Boiler Room. Alain was witness to much of the early growth of Jiu-jitsu in the UK and is proud to have taken part in many of the early Tournaments.

In 2004 Alain moved to Florida, USA. This is where he focused on and developed much of this no-gi grappling game, training alongside many accomplished grapplers and experienced MMA fighters.

Alain began his coaching career upon his return to the UK in 2009. Head coach of Carlson Gracie Essex, Alain's students have already had a lot of success in the cage and on the mat.

Qualifications: CRB Enhanced. Child course protection. First aid.Competition Officer for the UKBJJA. Judo Brown Belt under the BJA. NAGA refree course. IBJJF Refree course.

A selection of the medals Alain has won:

  • 1997 Silver Copa Sandro Ferraz, Brazil
  • 2004 Gold Bitteti Cup, London
  • 2006 Gold Atlantic Cup, Florida State (No Gi)
  • 2006 Gold Martial Arts Festival Disney, Florida (No Gi)
  • 2007 Bronze Continental Cup, Florida (No Gi)
  • 2010 Gold London Open
  • 2010 Silver USABJJ Europeans, Switzerland
  • 2010 Gold Bournmouth Open
  • 2010 Gold English BJJ Open
  • 2011 Bronze IBJFF Europeans, Lisbon
  • 2011 Gold Ground Control Fighters Only UK Invitational Superfight
  • 2011 Silver NAGA Europe GI Purple-Black Belt, Paris
  • 2011 Silver NAGA Europe NOGI Purple-Black Belt, Paris
  • 2011 Gold NAGA Europe ADCC Advanced Division, Paris
  • 2012 Gold IBJJF Europeans, Lisbon
  • 2012 Gold London International Open
  • 2012 Gold IBJJF No-Gi European Championship (NC)
  • 2012 Silver IBJJF No-Gi European Championship Brownbelt Absolute
  • 2012 Gold English BJJ Open
  • 2013 Gold IBJJF Rome Open
  • 2013 Gold IBJJF Munich Open
  • 2013 Gold NAGA European Championship Expert Division
  • 2014 Gold Super fight Black Belt Dorset & Hants
  • 2014 Gold Super Fight Black Belt Manchester Open
  • 2015 Gold IBJJF London Winter Open Black belt
  • 2015 Gold Europeans No Gi Rome Black Belt
  • 2003 Silver London Open